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Year 6

birch icon 2

6B Birch

Teacher – S. Boyd

Teaching Assistant – S. Saunders

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6O Oak

Teacher – S. Ortega

Teaching Assistants – S. Cotterill

Year 6 Documents

Welcome To Year 6 Newsletter

Welcome back to a new term and your child’s final year of primary school. Our aim is to make it fun and memorable for them, whilst doing our absolute best to support them in achieving their potential and prepare them for their transition to secondary school. We provide them with experiences, visitors, workshops and opportunities that all enhance our Y6 curriculum, and the biggest experience is happening this term! Coventry’s outdoor centre in Wales, Plas Dol-y-Moch, is opening its doors again and we are planning to take all of Year 6 for a four-night residential. Please see the accompanying letter for further details.

It has been a lovely first week getting to know your children. They have settled in well as top of the school and have shown how responsible and mature they can be, already setting a super example for the younger pupils; we hope this continues throughout the year. We have got an exciting, but busy term ahead of us and right from the start, Year 6 need to be organised and prepared. We have included some general reminders to help them achieve this. This letter also outlines the topics being covered this term in Year 6.


Place value within 10,000,000, four operations + – x ÷, fractions, geometry: position and direction


Biographies, poetry, story writing, drama. We will of course be continuing to support reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting.


Light and Sight, Electricity


The Coventry Blitz


Textiles – ‘Make do and Mend


Singing, Guitars


Sketching, painting, oil pastels. Key Artists: Henry Moore / LS Lowry


Coding / Online Safety / Spreadsheets


Being me in my world / Celebrating differences


What do religions say when life gets hard?


Culture, Appearance, Family and Pets

General reminders and information

✓ Your child will be taking home a reading folder every evening. Please remember that the most important work your child should do at home is to read on a daily basis. They should record the page they read up to in their reading journal, a comment about what they have read and any new words they come across. The recommended reading time is 20 minutes.

✓ Children will also have spellings homework each Wednesday and spellings to learn and every Wednesday they will have a spelling test.

✓ Children also need to practise their times tables regularly using TTRS and throughout the term there will be competitions for them to enter.

✓ Every Thursday we will set homework, which will be due in the following Thursday.

✓ PE kit can be worn to school every Wednesday instead of school uniform. It will be outdoors so make sure to wrap up warm when the cooler weather arrives.

✓ Year 6 may bring in a drinks bottle (no fizzy drinks please) and a small snack (fruit/cereal bar) for break.

Education is a partnership between yourself, us and your child and we look forward to working together with you to do the best for them. So, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Boyd, Mr Coxhead, Miss Ortega, Miss Cotterill and Miss Saunders



All of the websites below are suitable for Year 1 children.  All children will be provided with their login if the website requires one.6