History teaching at Southfields equips children from the very start of their educational experience to explore chronology and use the vocabulary needed to interpret the past. Children are supported to frame their historical understanding as part of enquiries which combine the use of a wide range of skills whilst addressing key subject knowledge.

Our history is just that, ours, and is centred on our locality, our community and our children’s historical needs that will support them to find their identity in the world based on their cultural, local, national and global history. The curriculum is designed to fill our children with a curiosity for learning about the past.

Experiences are central to creating a love of learning in History; these experiences range from in the classroom to out at engaging educational visits in our unique locality or further afield. It is an ambitious balance of meeting the National Curriculum aims; addressing British history and global history; our unique, local history as Coventry ‘City of peace and reconciliation’ and our strong historical influence on transport; and history that reflects the diversity in our school population.

History Documents