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Our Learning

Should you require further information regarding our curriculum, then please contact our school office

Curriculum Intent and Implementation

Southfields children belong to a unique locality in the heart of the city centre. Our curriculum celebrates the individual experiences and cultures children bring to our school, engaging and inspiring them to develop their natural curiosity and a thirst for learning. Collaboration is encouraged throughout the curriculum giving all children opportunities to become reflective learners, who explore and analyse real and relevant problems with their peers. Through positive discussion, all children learn to express and present their knowledge and skills confidently and to respect and appreciate the diverse community they live in.

 Everyone at Southfields is encouraged to take risks, regardless of their starting points, through creative and challenging experiences, which develop their imaginative and reflective skills. These rich experiences encourage a culture of growth mind-set that focuses on developing resilience, self-confidence and independence. A high priority is placed upon enabling pupils to develop as responsible, caring and open-minded individuals who are very well placed to make a positive contribution to society. 

Our GARK values (Good learning, Acceptance, Respect and Kindness) underpin the positive environment in school, which complements the high expectations we hold for each individual child at Southfields.



We have the National Curriculum, which we use as a starting point, and embellish and deepen further as a school but at the heart of this is children being exposed to quality, bespoke experiences, opportunities and lessons with a need for independent thinking and relevant to the personal developmental needs of the children in our school.  Learning opportunities are used to enrich our teaching to enable children to become immersed in their own learning. Visits and enrichment clubs allow all children even greater opportunities to find and develop their individual interests and personal talents. Our teachers plan a wide variety of offsite educational visits, including residentials. Visitors are also invited into school as a way of enhancing subject knowledge and providing the children with real life experiences.

Each day, our school community models, teaches, promotes and upholds a range of values (GARK and British Values) that we need to demonstrate in order to become good citizens of the world. We think carefully about the values, explore them in learning and demonstrate them at every opportunity.

Our teachers ask children to undertake positions of responsibility around the school, as we believe that children understand values by seeing them in action in others. These include:  School councilSports AmbassadorsSports Leaders; Playground Pals; Peer Mediators.

Teachers design learning opportunities that look for ways to develop good learning behaviours. In our curriculum, we encourage children to look for ways to develop concentration, perseverance, imagination, co-operation, the enjoyment of learning, self-improvement and curiosity.

Southfields staff notice and praise when learners are showing great learning behaviours. We award certificates for this in our regular celebration assembly. When we work as a team, we collect points that earn a prize.

When planning the curriculum teachers think how they can bring in an understanding of morality and the wider world. They do this through:

SMSC is planned across the curriculum. The children learn about new beginnings in life, going for goals, aspirations, getting on and falling out, changes and relationships. Teachers identify positive role models that challenge stereotypes for children to learn about.

The children visit local groups such as the local Sikh Gurdwara, a mosque, the local church and the Coventry Cathedral to tell us about their faith and share learning. We work with local religious groups to get a good understanding of the beliefs of others.

The school works with local community groups such as collecting and raising money for charities local and national and annually collect food for the local food bank. Southfields aims to increase children’s engagement with activities that benefit other members of the community and beyond.