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School Council

The school council is a group of pupils who act as representatives of their classmates in discussing school issues with the headteacher and staff. It’s a brilliant way of representing and contributing to Pupil Voice in our school.

Our new School Councillors for this year are:

Abdulrahman, Archishman,

Arina, Ava, Cali, Dara,

Fahd, Fikayomi, Nathan,

Nazim, Nusaybah and Wuraola

On 18th October 2022 our new School Councillors met with our Councillors from last year.  They each told us a little about what they had enjoyed doing in with the School Council.  They also explained that they had signed a Code of Conduct and that they had input into what that should contain.

We discussed what a Code of Conduct is.  Everyone agreed that we should have one and we talked about how we felt as Councillors, we must uphold the school GARK values and be role models.  Mrs Stubbs gathered thoughts on specifics that this should contain and will present a draft of Code of Conduct for approval at the next meeting.

The Councillors want to continue to work with the school and wider community and especially would like to keep working with the food bank.  They suggested that as part of their role they would like to engage with visitors and show them around and be more present around the school.  They felt that they could be used more to work with younger children and Mrs Stubbs suggested that we discuss the Wellbeing Champion scheme at thee next meeting.

Each of the Councillors were given a book to write their ideas and notes to keep in their drawer.