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SEN Meeting

Dear Parents/Carers

At Southfields Primary School we are committed to providing an environment which encourages all our pupils to learn and develop to the best of their potential.   We are aware that there are several pupils who need extra support with moving to the next year group.  Your child will be getting this support to ensure their transition to the next class is a positive experience for them. 

Your child has already had their Transition Day, in their new class, and I am pleased to say that the feedback from teachers about this day is that the transition day was a success.

We want you, as their parents/carers, involved in their learning journey at all times.  Working together, we can make sure your child has the best education tailored to their specific needs.  Therefore, I have organised a meeting on Thursday 8th September 2022 from 3.00pm until 3.30pm.  At this meeting I will update you on how Southfields will continue to support your child in school.   The meeting will only be for 30 minutes, allowing you to collect your child as normal at the new collection time – 3.30pm.

At this meeting we will give you information specifically about your child and paperwork related to how we will be supporting them.  It is really important that you attend so you understand how they will be supported in school and what you can do to support them at home.

Please let me know via this link: Inclusion Meeting 08.09.22  by Wednesday 7th September 2022 if you will be attending or not.   Alternatively, please phone the school office on 02476 226810 and confirm whether you will be attending or not.

We look forward to working alongside you, in helping your child be the best they can be!

Yours sincerely

Ms Ashan

(Deputy Headteacher/Acting Special Educational Needs Coordinator)