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In our Early Years setting, we aim to recognise and meet the needs of the unique child, promote their particular strengths and nurture a self-belief to aspire. We intend to ignite curiosity, promote exploration and celebrate discoveries together. We know that our children enter the Nursery and Reception classes with varied life experiences, so our curriculum is tailored with our learners in mind, building on their Cultural Capital. We ensure children strive through challenges, gain resilience and experience regular successes. We promote positive learning behaviours and equip our learners with knowledge, skills and aspirations to flourish in their future school years.


Tapestry builds a very special record of a child’s experiences and journey throughout their early years, using an online learning journal designed and developed specifically for EYFS. Using photos and diary entries.  Our EYFS teachers and you (the parents), ‘weave’ the story of your child and how they progress together. The Tapestry platform works seamlessly to enable these memories to be kept as a permanent record of each child’s unique journey throughout Nursery and Reception. All information held in the platform is kept securely. Each parent has a unique login which cannot be accessed by anyone else. Parents are encouraged to be part of this process and are asked to send photographs and descriptions of their child’s experiences into school via Tapestry.

Click on a link below to down the Tapestry app from either the Apple app store Google Play store.


All of the websites below are suitable for Reception children.  All children will be provided with their login if the website requires one.