‘Votes for Schools’ is delivered at Southfields to enhance our children’s view of themselves and the world around them and embodies fundamental British values.

What is ‘Votes for Schools’?

Votes for Schools is a weekly current affairs platform, which supports discussions on challenging topical issues, empowering our pupils to have their voices heard by voting and commenting on a key question relating to political and social issues. Through weekly debating and voting, not only are our pupils learning about the world around them, but they are also becoming prepared for participating in our democratic processes, as they learn about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Below are links to an example of a Votes for Schools topic: ‘Should children use phones in schools?’

How does it work?

Each week the children are presented with a question on a Monday afternoon during assembly. Then the pupils have their vote by Friday. The vote of Yes/No is taken in each class and this information is collated. This shows us what our children’s views are, how they compare to local and national views of other children, and our vote contribution will support further action to be taken. Below is an example of one of the votes, for the question: ‘Should more children get free school meals?’


Oracy refers to the ability to communicate effectively through speech. It involves using language to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings, and to interact with others in a way that is clear, coherent, and appropriate.

At Southfields, we have chosen Votes for Schools to empower our young voices, building oracy, confidence and critical thinking; all skills that will benefit them in their lives beyond school. Every week a Home Bulletin is shared with parents on our school’s Class Dojo platform, with the aim of developing oracy at home.

We hope you enjoy speaking to your children to find out what they have been discussing on a weekly basis and share with them how you would have voted.